A Guide to israeli startups

High-tech Projects and Entrepreneurial Ventures

Israel has the largest number of high-tech startups in absolute terms after the US and 80 percent of the 3,000 Israeli companies involved in R&D are less than 10 years old.

This site is a showcase for the many promising Israeli start-up companies to present their technology, products and prospects, as well as an aid to help business people throughout the world in understanding the dynamic nature of the high-tech market and to help locate hot investment opportunities.

You will find a wealth of information on the Israeli start-ups.

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This site is based on a publication of the Office of the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Fostering Entrepreneurship
International companies are showing increasing interest in Israeli technology start-ups. It is the role of the office of the Chief Scientist to support these start-ups and to ensure that the ideas are marketable and economically viable.

Harnessing High-tech Entrepreneurial Talent
In line with Israel's decision to support the development of export-oriented technologies and products, the state offers several different types of assistance to entrepreneurs.

The National Matchmaker
Matimop aims to promote the development of advanced, innovative technologies in Israel. It does it by creating partnerships through joint ventures with local and international investors.

International Cooperation
The Israeli government has signed a number of bilateral R&D cooperation agreements with foreign governments and the European Union.

Keeping the ideas coming
The Incubators Program was set up with the general goal of providing support during the first phase of technology initiative.

The Source of Innovation
The Idea Promotion Center (IPC) is responsible for implementing the government's policy to support investors and acting as a link between the inventor and Israeli Industry.

Academic Foundation
Israeli universities have set up technology transfer companies similar to those in other countries. But the Israeli companies also provide R&D and get involved with the start-up companies developing the universities ideas.

Expertise: Healthcare Innovation
Leading edge endeavors and the proliferation of start-ups involved in medical electronics and biotechnology will ensure a continuing growth in sales of Israeli healthcare products.

Expertise: A Talent For Telecommunications
Israeli telecommunications companies have penetrated high-tech niches in both the developed and the developing world. Local firms are also specializing in setting up basic infrastructures and enhancing existing infrastructure.

Expertise: Software Surges Ahead
Based on high-quality computer engineers and entrepreneurial ingenuity, Israel's software industry shows signs of continuing impressive growth rate.

Money meets Genius
As most start-up companies come to understand, the key to turning an idea into global success lies in capital investment and marketing.

Israel's Venture Capital World
The future growth of Israeli high-tech exports depends on the success of today's start-ups which, in turn, depends on the influx of investment, especially from venture capital funds.

Investing in High-tech
Israeli venture capital funds have developed their own characteristics: more patient and nurturing, and occasionally, more participating than their American counterparts.

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
Venture capital funds are relatively new to Israel and were brought about mainly by the peace process, the rapid economic growth and the proliferation and high profit potential of high-tech start-ups.


Israel's Venture Capital World